Introducing Co-pilot for Engineering leaders

Building software doesn’t have to be a black box. Itechgenic Co-Pilot for Engineering leaders makes engineering work Transparent and helps you balance speed with quality

Our Vision

The vision is to empower organizations with a transformative solution that harnesses the power of data from various platforms used to manage and deliver unparalleled operational excellence and drive exceptional business outcomes.

The mission is to improve developer’s software delivery and resource utilization.

The Problem

As an engineering team starts scaling up, it becomes a tedious task to understand and track the ground level work performed by each team because of multiple siloed tools and hierarchy.

The following problems occurs because of that situation

Decrease in Project Visibility

Lack of clarity for the engineering leader with respect to the ground level performance resulting in unsustainable prioritization and a broken developer workflow

Impact on Project Execution

Dependency issues arise in bigger teams as the entire team gets disrupted even if a single person is disturbed.

Diminishing Productivity

Resource burnout is common at any workplace which stems from situations such as overwhelming ad hoc requests to dysfunctional work conditions. Due to visibility issues, the engineering leader is unaware about the workload and issues faced by the developers.

Our Key Features and Solutions

Project Execution Transparency

The Co-Pilot for Engineering leaders helps identify data patterns, consolidates program information from multiple software sources and provides 360 degrees actionable insight to the engineering leaders.

Forecasting Project Outcomes

Correlates numerous aspects of agile development metrics from multiple disparate tools and, through its forecasting algorithm, alerts the manager about any potential issue that could impact the product.

Performance Visibility

To help enhance visibility between the engineering leaders and the development team, ITechgenic Global tracks key performance indicators to help measure engineering performance as well developer issues.

Other Feature

Forecasting and Recommendations

Our machine learning algorithms create accurate delivery estimates based on your team’s activity, while also provides a simulator called as ‘what if advisor ‘to help you get back on track in case of delay

Risk assessment and alerts

It proactively eliminate release risks by identifying process failures, quality issues, communication issues amongst teams, Utilization risks by correlating multiple data points from multiple tools and alert you in your email or slack, thereby helping you take control of your delivery.

Resource allocation

Align business goals and visualize cost and effort with the resource allocation dashboard. This dashboard automatically configures your projects based on PM data, making visible the full-time employee effort (cost), and delivery status (business impact) into a single view

Investment Profile

It measures how much time your team spends on different types of work. It is broken down into percentages. It breaks the work into the following categories:

1. Stories or new value delivery

2. Bug fixes

3.Non functional work (backend work to ensure reliability, availability, stability)


Allocation is the measurement of the distribution of a software engineering team’s work across a number of axes. In order to inform decisions around investing in new products or capabilities, this metric helps leaders understand how their team’s energy is distributed, and how much capacity they have to take on new projects. Allocation demonstrates to engineering leaders through visualizations how close their engineering teams are ideal to an ideal work alignment. This is done by breaking down the work they do across axes that matter to the engineering organization.

Key Values

Faster speed to market

On-time successful release

Code quality improvement

Reduction in Costs

Better process governance

Better utilization of people within the engineering team

Our Unique Value Proposition

1. Forecasting and Recommendation

Forecasting and Recommendation considers multiple scenarios based on different software and developer factors.

Running multiple algorithms, such as FB Prophet, XGBoost, etc., regularly on each data point to accommodate every scenario.

2. Intelligence

Intelligence driven from insights based on multiple key performance indicators. Further testing (regression analysis) of KPIs helps understand the quality of the process.

Following are the use cases:

Project Execution Alert

Quality Alert

Process Alert

Team Communication Alerts

Resource Health Alert

Key tools already integrated









Product Signal Flow

iTechGenic Global’s intelligence engine correlates multiple signals from multiple tools, and using its in-house developed algorithm provides health risks.



ITechGenic AI Engine

Ingests, correlates all signals using AI algorithm



Utilization Health
Quality Health
Process Health
Communication Health
Delivery Execution Health
Efficiency Health


What they are saying about us

“We signed up for the ITechgenic Project risk adviser and we were able to improve the productivity of the team. At the end of the 3-month pilot we were able to save about 40% effort and hence costs of delivery.”

- Vijay Talreja,

Chief Technology Officer, Enrich Beauty Salons

"What sets ITechgenic apart is its forecasting algorithm. They have used multiple algorithms to accommodate almost every possible scenario.”

- Ajay Soni

Senior Vice President and Head of Cloud and Data Services, Writer Information

”This was the first time I had seen a solution that encompassed all pieces of information as well as mapped it to existing industry KPIs. That is great, but also having the ability to predict and forecast as well as plot against an existing trendline.”

Girish Premachandran

Chief Technology Officer, Zuzu Hospitality


Our Team

Tushar Doshi

Co-Founder, ED & CEO

Ex Independent Director, Digi Life Technologies Ltd (SGX listed)
Formerly served as Global Independent Distributor for an American manufacturer in the health and wellness industry and as an Advisor to an India-based travel tech start up. He is actively involved with various non-profit and social organizations.


Co-Founder, Director, COO, CPTO

Ex Accenture,
Previously worked as Engineering Manager at Accenture and has managed companies including but not limited to Commonwealth bank of Australia and Telstra. He also founded Plannero.

Arun Chinnachamy

Product and Technology Advisor

Seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience building and scaling companies from the ground up. He is founding team member of successful startups like Bright champs and MySmartPrice. With a strong background in technology, he believes in driving business growth through data-driven decision-making.

Aqueel Merchant

Co-Founder & Director

Ex Managing Director, Accenture, India

Shabbir Sithawalla

Co-Founder & Director

CEO & Managing Director at Info-Communication Security Asia

Durga Bodapati


Ex Head of Oracle Products, India & USA

Our Clients


Key Partners


ROI Calculator

ItechgenicGlobal performance improvement gain :10% (Conservative assumption based on our customer feedback that it improves developer throughput and on-time delivery)
You measure through improvement in Planning accuracy, sprint spillover, Rework rate , Resource allocation , Project Delivery)

ItechgenicGlobal Product cost: 20 USD/Per User/Per Month (Basic ItechgenicGlobal product cost per month)

Total ItechgenicGlobal Cost :

Increased efficiency without hiring additional developers :

Increased Performance Saving :

Total Saving with ItechgenicGlobal:

ROI based on Performance Saving:

ROI based on overall engineering cost:

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  • Faster speed to market
  • On-time successful release
  • Code quality improvement
  • Reduction in Costs
  • Better process governance
  • Better utilization of people within the engineering team
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